1) I love that this email is dedicated to little old me!

2) I can relate to this kind of procrastination on a deep level BUT on the upside, it sounds like you got a lot accomplished despite not writing this email.

3) One of the things I deeply appreciate about our work together is the Voxer conversations. It helps me sort things out and feel supported (tremendously.) Thank you.

4) One of the most underrated things about working with MDMA is the trickle epiphanies (as I like to call them) that happen in the days/weeks/months after the session. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

5) I love you. That is all. 💗

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This might be the best email I've ever read. PERIOD.

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I love this email L) but the book Weathering is by Arlene Geronimus (not Lucy Wood) who makes a compelling case on how stress (due to systemic discrimination and poverty) is bad for health at body cellular level

Front cover of the book


NPR Fresh Air podcast Interview with Professor Geronimus:


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