Sitemap - 2021 - Oh My Heart

Unpopular opinion

Life is good

Calling all Psychonauts!

Get your sass on

Just Follow Joy Podcast

I had to figure this out. Hear it here: Podcast Part 2

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freedom, free time, fulfillment and fun.

still bored

We need to talk about this.

79 days until 2022?! What are you up to?

Today’s the big day!

Have you seen this?

Hello Instagram, my old friend?

I bought a puppy! 🐶

Not a pity party and YOU are invited!

I am sorry

Can I level with you?

This 🍄 intel was hard-won.

There are a lot of hard things about being happy.

If you hate pants, this is for you.

Did you know psilocybin can help with pain?

This helps go beyond our own thoughts.

My Coach was right.

You've probably felt this.

Do you ever have the thought: Am I crazy?

Things change

Do you have questions surrounding microdosing?

Fungi are the grand recyclers

Thank you for this.😘

More good good news this week

There is confidence in seeing change as a blip

is it just me?

recovery, and how Breathwork showed up real big in mine

Stop for a quick sec and breathe deeply.

Are you a Space hero?

USA contact you have been waiting for!

This isn't bullsh*t

I'm sure you sometimes sit and wonder what to do.

Update on 'Shrooms in Canada

Hey Hero, is this you?

Have you been holding back from the growth you feel called to?

We all have this fundamental desire...

Shroom Space.

I'm not too fond of this word.

Losing 100 pounds

Microdosing can make your life more chill.

You’re doing a massive service to the whole world!

Waiting is over.

Sharing powerful ideas, right here.

You’re a match if...

Microdosing is HERE!

Microdosing? Stay safe, stay well.

To my influential thought leaders and pioneers facilitating genuine change in our community.

I forgot to mention this!

Since doing this, a lot has changed.


Thank you!! This was not what I expected.

Drugs are bad?

Is THAT actually true?

I'm not exactly a supermodel

Something extraordinary happened

Something new, something else, is possible.

Breathwork works!!

Breathwork was developed by psychiatrist Stan Grof interval as a non-drug alternative to psychedelic therapy.

Welcome to 2021, brave souls